NHC National Housing Company

The National Housing Company (NHC) was established in 2016 under Royal Decree No. 7262, dated 8/2/1437AD to be the investment arm of the initiatives and programs of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing in the real estate, residential and commercial sectors. Then the company came under state ownership in May of the year 2020, after which it entered a new stage in its journey and became an effective enabler of solutions for the Saudi real estate market.

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About the Company

Real Estate Solutions

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The development of urban communities with a residential environment full of integrated services and facilities, in order to achieve financial sustainability and create promising investment opportunities

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Procurements Portal

A follow-up department for the common services sector for all
operating sectors at the National Housing Company and its subsidiaries and clients

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إستقطاب وتأهيل مزودي الخدمات لرفع مؤشرات الأعمال

Attracting and qualifying service providers to raise business indicators

حوكمة إجراءات عمليات المشتريات بما يضمن الكفاءة العالية من خلال اتمتتة الاجراءات

Governance of procurement process procedures to ensure high efficiency through the automation of procedures

بناء شراكة وثيقة مع أفضل مزودي الخدمات بما يضمن الجودة العالية والأسعار التنافسية

Building a close partnership with the best service providers to ensure high quality and competitive prices